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ICTA is focused on seeing cannabis regain its place as an important international commodity. Prior to prohibition, cannabis was grown and traded around the world for fibre, food, medical, spiritual, recreational, and industrial use. As various nations are now dropping various prohibitions, and coming to regulate cannabis in differing forms, we seek to be a unifying and harmonizing voice so that we, as industries that touch this plant, can ensure a global market that is ethical, equal, and fair. To this end, we advocate for some very simple policies:

  • Cannabis is a medicine.

When regulated like a medicine, it should be treated the way that nation treats any other medicine. Patients have suffered the most under prohibition, and their needs must be addressed. If medicines require a child-proof container and a prescription, so should cannabis for medical use. If medicine is not taxed, neither should cannabis for medicinal use.

  • Cannabis and Hemp are not different plants.

While differentiating between intoxicating and non-intoxicating forms of cannabis, science should be followed over arbitrary number. We believe 1% THC to be that number based on the latest research.

  • CCannabis should never have been illegal.

While it was, nations used it as an excuse to target and attack specific communities. These nations need to take steps at repairing this damage.

  • CBD should be treated as any other supplement.

This non-intoxicating cannabinoid should not be tied to the stigma of THC in any way. Products should be able to add plant-derived CBD as they would sugar or flour, and sell these products the same.

  • Cannabis research should be prioritized.

We have missed a century of progress in relation to cannabis, a plant with a long track record of driving advances and innovations. In this age of opiate epidemics and climate change, we need to push progress forward in every area where the benefits of cannabis have been denied us.

  • Cannabis should be regulated by use.

Cannabis used for fibre should be treated no worse than any other substances used for fibre. Cannabis used as medicine should be regulated as other medicines. There should be fair and equal treatment of cannabis in each area of use.


All ICTA members are eligible to put forward candidates for all committees. These include:

Membership Committee

Responsible for addressing any issues that arise from complaints of non-compliance with our Membership Principles. Each instance will be decided on a case-by-case basis, and adjudicated by member representatives serving on this committee.

Think Tank Committees

Formed on an ad hoc basis, these committees will tackle specific issues and develop best-in-class policy recommendations on issues affecting the global cannabis industry.


Other committees will be formed as deemed necessary by the members or the Advisory Board

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