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Our Mission

To see cannabis regain its rightful place as one of the worlds most important crops by unifying world leaders and catalyzing the cannabis industry’s potential as a force for global good through influence, insight, and innovation.

Our Vision

We see a world where cannabis regulations are responsible and thoughtful, where research has been prioritized, stigma eradicated, and humanity is making full use of the cannabis plant as a valuable and versatile resource for a greener, healthier, more sustainable future.

What We Value

Libertas, Aequitas, Scientia, Profectus


Trade should be free from restrictive barriers, no one should have their freedom inhibited from current or past use of this plant, and every household should once again be free to grow cannabis.


Cannabis is a plant that has been grown by our species since we started growing plants. Throughout history, various regions and people became known for their work with this plant, from Venetian fine cloth, to Russian canvas and rope, to Moroccan hash. Various others throughout time have been persecuted and harassed. Fairness is something that has rarely applied to cannabis policy, and that is to our detriment.


It is knowledge that is under attack during prohibition, and when knowledge wins, prohibition is dismantled. It is the knowledge of growers and consumers kept alive in dark times, the knowledge of patients passed along and shared, and the knowledge of those who work with the plant that must inform (and reform) sensible regulations conducive to a free market.


Dismantling prohibition has required steady progress, city by city, state by state, and nation by nation, even use by use. If we are to benefit fully from this plant, we must continue to make progress. We recognize that cannabis has been shut out of progress in every area it used to play a major role for nearly a century, and this must be addressed.


Jamie Shaw

Jamie Shaw began her cannabis career as a Director of the BC Compassion Club Society, and served as President of the Canadian Association of Medical Cannabis Dispensaries, where she successfully lobbied for, and consulted on, municipal regulations in Vancouver, Victoria, and others prior to legalization. As a consultant she helped many stores navigate the licensing process. She was an expert witness in the Allard trial that won Canadian patients the right to grow for themselves. Shaw helped launch the medical sales platform Shelter Market, served as Chief Communications Officer for Pasha Brands, founding partner of Groundwork Consulting, a co-author of the Lift Retail Cannabis Training Course, taught a similar course at Kwantlen Polytechnic University, and sits on various boards and advisories including the BC Independent Cannabis Association. She is the Chief Strategic Officer of Charlie’s Cannabis Company

Alex Rogers

Alex Rogers is a long-time cannabis activist and entrepreneur, having served as a global cannabis leader for nearly 30 years. Rogers is the CEO and founder of Ashland Alternative Health, and the International Cannabis Business Conference and Global Investment Forums. As one of the most well-connected leaders in the international cannabis space, and having legacy knowledge of the industry along with a blistering work ethic, Alex brings many vital components to the ICTA team. Alex holds a Magna Cum Laude degree in Political Science from Southern Oregon University.

Mary Patton

Mary Patton is a veteran brand and marketing strategist who has played a key role in bringing mainstream acceptance to the growing cannabis movement. After spending over a decade working in entertainment, media, marketing, and PR for global brands, award-winning agencies, and iconic entertainers, Mary’s career transitioned full-time into cannabis policy reform after joining the lobbying group, Marijuana Policy Project where she worked to advance legalization and change the perceptions, stereotypes, and media bias around cannabis. Ms. Patton kick-started and organized the emerging cannabis industry by helping to establish the first cannabis industry investment groups and trade associations and began advising small businesses and start-ups on navigating through the complexities of strategic planning, branding, marketing, fundraising, regulation, permitting, and compliance, immediately cementing herself as a sought after cannabis industry expert, consultant, and corporate executive.

Advisory Board

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